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Discsports Starter Set (5 disc)

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Brand, molds, color and stamps may vary. The picture only shows a example.

Here you will find lots of starter sets from different manufacturers and now we have developed a starter set containing [b] our own favorites [/ b] among the [b] most popular beginner discs. [/ B]

The set will give you the [b ] ultimate conditions [/ b] to succeed in winning those tight friendly matches!

[B] The set contains: [/ b]
2 x Putters
Control & Precision. For shots and putts. Also for shots from tee on short holes. Easy to grip and comfortable to hold in the hand. Adapted for lengths approx. 0-25 m putt, 25-75 m approach.

1 x Midrange
Versatile. For half-length shots from tee or approach. Neither blunt nor pointed but something in between! Adapted for lengths approx. 50-100 m.

2 x Fairway Drivers
Control & Length. Good control in relation to the extra length you get. Adapted for lengths approx. 75-125 m.

Discsport.se med lager i Uppsala och butik i Stockholm vill erbjuda det mesta och det b

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