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Innova specials

50%.May month campaign is Innova Specials month! With a whopping 50% off

Valid: Wed 01/05 00:00 to Fri 31/05 23:59. Or as long as supplies last.

Set of 5 Deals

30%.Discgolf discs in a pack of 5, perfect if you want to practice or just have a backup of your favorite disc. Do you need to practice putting, practice a specific throw or just fill the bag with several of the same mold.

Valid: Thu 04/04 00:00 to Sun 30/06 00:00. Or as long as supplies last.

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Discsport 20 years!

2004-2024. Yes, incredible but true! This year we celebrate 20 years as a webshop. On March 13, 2004, the first order came into We celebrate the day with 20% on everything. Here's what happens during the day.

  • Exclusive Limited Edition 2004 Anniversary Berg.
    • Only 230 pc maid!
    • Buy for SEK 0 if the order value is at least EUR 200.40
    • Buy for EUR 24.90.
  • Raffle of the anniversary discs every month
    • We draw 2 orders every month and include one of the anniversary discs above.
    • Order value min EUR 20.40 to be included in the raffle.
  • Completed anniversary campaigns:
  • 20% in the shop
    • Valid anniversary day, March 13.
    • Not valid with GRIP, competition baskets, items on sale or news.
  • Anniversary minis
    • Sent with the package to everyone who orders this day.
    • Valid anniversary day 13 March and while stocks last.
  • Limited Edition 2004 Anniversary Reko.
    • First 24 orders that are over SEK 240 get one in the package!
    • Buy for EUR 17.90.
    • Valid anniversary day 13 March

One of the world's first webshops for disc golf

Did you know that is Europe's first webshop for disc golf that is still running? And for the whole world, we come in fourth place! Before us are only the American webshops dtw, gottagogottathrow and wrightlife.