Frisbee Freestyle

Frisbee Freestyle

Stefan Karlsson & Thomas Palmer in action. Double Disc Court är en superkul frisbeegreen som premierar kastskicklighet, smidighet, spelsinne & taktik. FOTO: Peter Henriksson.

Frisbee  Double Disc Court (DDC)

Double Disc Court is played by two teams of two players each and two discs. There are two courts; each defended by one of the teams. Two discs are simultaneously thrown back and forth by the teams. There are several ways to score a point or points: * when the disc touches the ground within the court of the other team and stays there * when the other team touches both discs at the same time (two points scored) * when a disc touches the ground outside the court the other team scores a point.

  • Double Disc Court DDC 105g..

    Double Disc Court DDC 105g..



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